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columnated ruins domino

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25 June
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This journal is now inactive.

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music: denial tone

music: racine

music: the great vowel shift

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4-track recordings, ableton live, akashic records, all-downstroak guitar playing, alterity, analog synths, andrei tarkovsky, androgyny, anthony godby johnson hoax, anti-americanism, anti-anti-intellectualism, apichatpong weerasethakul, autonomous partial objects, avant-garde, beating carpal tunnel syndrome, being a film snob, being a myspace whore, bitching about unsatisfactory food, biting until it bleeds, black cats, black coffee, blowing up suv's, blurry images, boarding schools, boards of canada, boys, breaking televisions, camile paglia, cary grant, censorship, chocolate-covered graham cookies, cinema, cinema scope magazine, coming of age, conspicuous concealment, copyright infringement, cosmodemonic telegraph company, cronenbergian orifices, deactivating my facebook account, defriending people on myspace, deleted accounts, disturbing hobbies, documentaries, duct tape, détournement, emetophobia, endless drones, exploding whales, faking it, false identities, feminism, fighting boredom, film theory, flawed phallic symbols, form, found objects, full frontal nudity, fyodor dostoevsky, gender bending, gender fucking, giving up on love, godardian intertitles, guy debord, harper's magazine, haruki murakami, hating pitchfork media, having a dark secret, having exactly 150 interests, henry miller, homoerotic subtext, homogenization of culture, homosexuality, how meaning is created, hubert aquin, identity, illegal downloads, imp of the perverse, ingmar bergman, interfemoral intercourse, intergenerational relationships, internationale situationniste, interpretation, jacques lacan, japanese schoolboy uniforms, jean-luc godard, jt leroy hoax, la société du spectacle, making eye-contact with children, masculinity, michelangelo antonioni, micro korg, mile end, mondovino, montreal, monty python, movies with no plot, mutual masturbation, nc-17, nifty archives, overthrowing the established order, pax nipponica, philip k dick, pho bac, photos of television screens, pier paolo pasolini, pop culture, pornography, post-everything, posting from work, princeton-first-year, psychoanalysis, psychogeography, quitting the internet, racine, randomness, reading aloud to myself, red wine, running a record label, scrambled porn, september 11, silence, small press, starting over from scratch, staying home on fridays, stolen images, subjectivity, subtitles, subversion, sushi, temporary autonomous zones, terroirism, test cards, the gaze, the space between things, theory, transgression, translating french films, trevor goodchild, trying to write novels, tsai ming-liang, using too much reverb, washed-out photos, watching tv for money, werner herzog, witold gombrowicz, wong kar-wai, words without meaning, worshiping brian eno, yasujiro ozu, young actors

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